Choosing Style of Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Top down bottom up shades are usually installed on windows, doors, or interconnecting rooms. One of the functions of the curtain is as a ban for the activity in the room is not visible or just a barrier. Other functions are also able to prevent the entry of sunlight into the room. Blazing sunlight can disturb the comfort of indoor residents can also damage the surrounding furniture.

Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Top down bottom up shades

To get a certain atmosphere or nuance in a room, you can choose the appropriate model, motif and color of Top down bottom up shades. But to anticipate the confusion in choosing it is a good idea to consider some things like, recognize the theme of your space, in this stage, you should be more sensitive to the theme of your room (Is themed classical design, traditional, minimalist, traditional, futuristic, etc.). If at the beginning of planning the design theme of the room has been determined, then this will be very easy in the selection of the type of curtain in each space. For a minimalist style room. Curtains of this model are generally made of plain fabric (not patterned) or small motifs so that the fabric looks “clean”. Or the type and color of the curtains with a simple motif with simple shapes or by using solid natural colors. Because this style is more emphasis on texture and curtain rails intentionally in the exposure.

For the classic style. Choice of Top down bottom up shades color that is in harmony with the color of the room so it displays the impression of shade, comfortable and harmonious. For motifs, you can choose a curtain with floral or other floral motifs, in accordance with the feel of the desired room. Remember that in this case creativity is also very important in every work done decoration. Avoid using curtains with heavy fabrics, replace them with a softer and lighter material, such as satin. For a modern-themed (eclectic) themed room, you mix the traditional-style motif or the selection of materials and colors that lead to a solid color that naturally approaches natural colors, such as broken white, ivory white, straw color, etc.


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