Comfortable Point Loft Beds for Adults

Loft house is used as a space to store old things and rarely used. However, the loft can also be used for other uses. The bedroom is one of them. Utilizing a loft for a functional space of this kind will increase the area of ​​your home. With careful planning and development, the loft can be transformed into a comfortable loft beds for adults. Here are some factors you need to consider before turning the loft of a house into a bedroom.

Loft Beds for Adults

loft beds for adults

In order to be utilized to be a comfortable bedroom, the loft ideally has enough room to loft beds for adults. Preferably, the distance between the highest points on the ceiling with the framework of the loft floor is more than 2.5 meters. However, if the planned bedroom is designed for children, a height of 2 meters is sufficient. The loft floor is actually a house ceiling. Therefore, the material used to coat this floor should be selected from a mild type, such as wood or vinyl. Only, the wood used should be given a layer of anti-termite so as not to be damaged quickly. The loft room is directly adjacent to the roof of the house. Therefore, the heat inside the loft mostly comes from the absorption of the sun’s heat by the roof. To fix this, you should select a roof material that is not easy to absorb heat. For example, a tile that can reduce heat. In addition, there is also a good part of the ceiling plus insulation layer, whether made of aluminum foil, glass wool, or other materials.

Like other rooms of the house, the heat in the loft beds for adults is also influenced by the air circulation factor. To get a smooth air circulation, you can add some windows as natural carriage. Lighting in the loft can be obtained naturally, either from the windows on the sides of the loft, or from the skylights made on the roof. If you choose to make a skylight, also calculate the location on the roof, so that the light directly into the not to dazzle. For the loft, you should not use too much furniture. This is because the loft room is usually not too wide.


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