Easy Way to Install Board and Batten Siding

The board and batten on the upper half of a shed or a combination of primed one by ten and one by four trim boards. The first step is to install some blocking in several places, so you have solid nailing for the board and batten siding. With the blocking in place attack the first board up making sure to get it dead plumb. If it’s not perfect, you will end up fighting the layout all the way across the wall. The nailing pattern for this is going to be two nails in the center of the board, roughly think about dividing the board up into thirds basically. Then use the ¾ inch spacer just to establish the coursing, so the next board will go up with the same spaces until the end of the wall.

Easy Way to Install Board and Batten Siding

board and batten siding

Then for the board and batten siding on the gable ends, start in the center and work the way out. That’s because you have the vent in the center of the layout. The board stuck up behind the fly rafter assembly for a nice clean finished look, and this technique also means that the angle cut on the top of the board doesn’t have to be perfect. With the boards in place, you have to switch gears and move the trim. First,you should tackle the fascia board on the back of the shed, which tucks up under the eave. The easiest way to handle the notches for the rafter tails is to tack the board in place and use the rafters to mark the area to be cut.

Next comes some more free assembled corner boards of board and batten siding. The door and the window casing which you leave long mark in place for final cut and then install. Make sure to bevel the bottom edges of the window casing where it meets the sail. On the back gable of the building, continue the horizontal trim then move to the front Gable.

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