How to Make Lift Top Coffee Table

It feels most exciting, if we manage to create and enjoy the creation itself, whatever the shape, whether it is writing, pictures, photographs, or other items that are liked. There may be a desire to create something that benefits, but the constraints faced, some have begun to work but not finished, or even failed to do. If in the mind ever crossed to want to organize the items scattered, so neat, easy to take, beautiful to look at, like to make a lift top coffee table, now time to be realized.

Lift Top Coffee Table

Lift Top Coffee Table

Everything that is made nowadays, anything, generally has multiple benefits, including shelves, in addition to putting something also better when viewed beautifully. Currently making the lift top coffee table very easy, there are ready-made materials available, made for easy and fun, instant, do not require much equipment, do not need much time, and do not need special skill to build it. The basic components of the table consist of supporting poles, elbows, and blades / sheets. The spare parts can be purchased at major building materials stores, Ken master 60cm brand made of painted iron plate, 25cm buffer bracket, table can use wooden parquet board finishing 20 × 125cm various brands use processed boards used boards but still need finishing).

Other equipment and materials required only hammer, 4-5cm wall nail, stick glue, and meter (not necessarily, for measuring distance can use string / yarn). Here are the steps to make table. The first step specify the location (location) on the wall, determine the distance to the floor and the distance between the poles, mark. The second step, put the first pole table, strengthen with nailed 3 pieces, install the second rack is also nailed. The third step, install the buffer elbow, insert into the buffer pit. The fourth step put the shelf above the elbow. The fifth step, to strengthen and not to shake, give glue stick (heated first using a fire or special tool) in the elbow gap with a pole, and on the elbows with a shelf. In a short time lift top coffee table is finished and already to use, then place things, order, look more beautiful.


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