Stained Glass Window Film to Beautify the House

Lots of ways that can be done to look charming house full of charm. Some choose to set the garden, there is a priority of cleanliness and neatness, while others prefer to appear as it is and minimalist. One way that you can consider in beautifying the house is to decorate the glass of the house. Stained glass window film house can be modified in many ways, including by making stained glass or installing window film. Both have very rich motifs and colors. What is the difference? Glass film or commonly referred to as glass stickers, used only to limit the amount of sunlight that enters the car, so the driver is not glare. Apparently, window film can be applied to windows and glass doors at home. Originally window film only to coat the window to be made Rayben glass so it is not glare. There are many options, according to the percentage of light you want to filter, for example 40%, 60%, or 80%.

Stained Glass Window Film

Stained glass window film

The longer, the type of window film is growing. Now a lot of stained glass window film with a slightly coarse texture. Glass film is also complete with other motifs, such as animals, foliage, flowers, as well as minimalist geometric shapes. There are also motifs resembling stained glass. The color was varied, can be selected according to taste. Glass films can also be made to order, for example to mark the office in the glass door. Glass film is a kind of window decoration and door cheap. The price starts from IDR. 100,000 to IDR. 200,000 per meter run.

Stained glass is the art of brazing pieces of glass into a variety of beautiful motifs. Stained glass window film is widely used in old buildings, such as railway station buildings, churches, and museums. This is because stained glass is indeed very popular in the colonial period, then had disappeared in the 1950s. In the past, stained glass using glass material imported from America, Germany, and China, thus making the price is exorbitant. Stained glass is one symbol of one’s wealth.


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