The Standard Size of Washer and Dryer Dimensions

There are many washers and dryers with different models and styles. Those models can be easily adjusted to the concept of the house owner. In fact, design is not the only important matter, but washer and dryer dimensions is the biggest concern before installation. There are many cases where house owner fond of certain washer and dryer design, but then it can’t fit to the space available in the kitchen.Therefore, it is important to find the fitting size to your kitchen space, include to the door size, to make it easy to load, and give enough air circulation in the kitchen area.

washer and dryer dimensions

In fact, some of washer and dryer dimensions are based on its design and function. How wide is a dishwasher? The common size for compact set are 24” wide, in addition with 22 until 24” deep (based on each brand and design),and with 33 until 34” of tall. This set is the minimalize set which is suitable for the small kitchen area, a sit won’t consume extra spaces, and as long you can choose the right design for your kitchen. Another types of washer and dryer is the stacking up set, which it size wider compared to the previous type.Stacked units usually have 27” wide with 30-32” deep and 75” tall. This units often used for restaurant or mini bar, as it can fit many pieces of plates, glass, and spoons.

washer and dryer

Those washer and dryer dimensions are the common size for each type of it. Therefore before installing and purchase it, you need to measure the space available in your kitchen, and then calculate the maximum size of washer and dryer which can fit to the space. Some design of the washer and dryer in kitchen had thick layer, which make the size is bigger. Then, it is better to search the size dimension which is slightly smaller than the maximum size available in your kitchen space.

Stackable Washer and Dryer Dimensions Tips to Buy

stackable washer and dryer

When stackable washer and dryer dimensions was first introduced, and when to buy washing machine is very easy because the type is still very limited. Increasingly, the type of washing machine is now widely available because it makes some people confused and wondering which the best and most suitable washing machine is. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a washing machine. Of course we must really observant attention to every feature and characteristics of the washing machine so that no one choose and no regrets in the future. Here are some tips on choosing a washing machine, but these tips should be tailored to your condition.

stackable washer and dryer dimensions


Of course all mothers want a quality stackable washer and dryer dimensions and the purchase price is as cheap as possible is not it? Washing machine is a long term investment, so should choose a washing machine with good quality, although the price is slightly expensive. Make sure the size of the washing machine purchased can go into the place where the washer is in place. Do not buy a washing machine that is too big, where the machine cannot get into the place where the machine is in place and eventually the machine must be placed elsewhere. Surely it will interfere with the washing activity. The tube material from the washing machine is very important, because the device will be used for a long time of about 3 years. In Indonesia alone there are generally two types of materials used in the manufacture of washing machine tubes are plastic and stainless steel. Between plastic materials and stainless steel of course is more durable is the stainless steel material. The material is anti-rust and will be more resistant to damage especially when facing the round of a very fast drying machine.

washing machine

Before buying a stackable washer and dryer dimensions, do not forget to pay attention to the electrical power that the washing machine needs in order to operate optimally. Do not get when buying a sophisticated washing machine, but when operated even interfere with other home activities due to insufficient electrical power. If your house’s electric power is about 1000 watts, then it is advisable to choose a semi-automatic 2 tube washer. But if the electric power is large around 2000 watts, then it is not problem if choose automatic washing machine 1 (one) tube because the washing machine of this type can alleviate your task.

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